High Quality cooked and freeze-dried beef cubes shipped to your door

All-American. No mRNA vaccines. Sous vides and freeze-dried. This is the beef you seek.

Americans want to eat well today, but we also want to have great food to eat if things go south in a hurry. But unlike most companies that take the cheapest, worst parts of the cow, turn them into “beef crumbles,” and freeze dry them in hopes that their customers will never actually try to eat it, our premium beef cubes are sous vide, freeze-dried, and ready to be eat today or in a decade. We WANT you to eat our beef now so you can buy more!

Frozen, vacuum-sealed beef can last 12-18 months in the freezer. Freeze-Dried beef lasts more than a decade.

Eat well today. Eat well tomorrow.

When we launched, we did so by offering both frozen and freeze-dried beef. What we found is that the people REALY want as much freeze-dried beef as they can get. We switched to meet demand and today we focus solely on delivering high quality sous vide, freeze-dried beef cubes that can be eaten today or stored for the long term.

Unlike other companies that hope nobody ever tries to eat their freeze-dried beef crumbles, we encourage people to eat our freeze-dried beef cubes today.

All the beef from the same cows.

We slaughter in small runs to keep the meat as fresh as possible.

We do not work with wholesalers who distribute the leftovers to other freeze-dried beef companies. We work with ranchers, buying the whole cows and chopping it all up to our specifications. As far as we know we’re the only company in America that does it that way.

Whole Cows is an America First company. Veteran-owned, we will never bow to the woke mob. Take advantage of 15% off at checkout with promo code “cleancows”.